Saturday, November 20, 2010

8 months natural!

my big chop was march 2010. It's been 8 months now and i'm loving my natural hair more and more! I admit, during the transition i had some low days wanting to throw the relaxer back into my hair, but i stayed strong this time! i say this time because i tried to go natural last year, but lasted about 3 months and threw the relaxer back in.
My transition since march 2010 wasn't so bad... i kept my hair in braids most of the time after my BC, so it made the days of teeny weenie tiny tiny afro not so bad! i braid my own hair, so that also made it easier on me. i took a break from the braids in july and i have to admit it was hard to rock the tiny afro! my own dad even made comments that made me put my braids back in! what the!
it's all good this time, i took my braids out 2 days ago and have been rocking the twist out, which i love! this is a pic of my 1st twist out i did on myself.... I LIKE A LOT! lol
-i created this blog because after reading so many blogs, websits, youtube and such it gave me the strength to take out my braids and start rocking my natural hair! i to would like to share my story to all and give all you women out there the strength to rock your own natural hair! IT FEELS SO GOOD! my hair is so much thicker without the relaxer, i love the different styles i can put it in, and i've been having a blast experimenting with my hair! its like an ongoing work of art! my mother is also natural, she rocks sista-locs! they are soooo cute on her, which is why I'd been wanting to go natural! I'm so much stronger this time around and i have to say again, I LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR! i was growing out my hair to also throw in the locs, but i love my hair the way it is, so i will not be getting loc'd up.... sorry mom. locs are beautiful, but i will not be getting loc'd up.
i went out last night and i felt so good looking at different women with there weaves, and relaxed hair, and knowing i have the strength to rock MY OWN hair! haha. i love it! i look forward to seeing my hair grow even longer! GO NATURAL LADIES!