Thursday, December 2, 2010

day 7 of twist out

ok, so now i am on day 7 of my twist out and i think i like it more now then when i first took the twists out!

I've been asked some questions, so here are my answers...
Q: did i use straws on my hair?
A: No, i did a twist out.

Q: do i twist my hair everyday before going to bed?
A: No, i sleep with a scarf on, then wake up and give my hair a quick fluff and i'm out the door! (day 7 of twist out)

Q: am i mixed?
A: no, both my mother and father are African American. my mom has sista-locs! so pretty!

Q: how often do i wash my hair?
A: i usually wash with just conditioner whenever i decide to do a new style. my last wash was a week ago because i wanted to see how long i could rock the twist out. however, before this i was conditioner washing about every 3 days and a wash with shampoo and conditioner once a week. i'm learning my hair, so i am experimenting. I was told by my amazing friend Iyanna to mostly just wash with conditioner! check out her site

----i will be doing a thorough wash later tonight to start a new style!