Friday, February 11, 2011

negative comments

why is it that some people think its funny to make jokes about your hair being natural.  i've noticed on other blogs this issue is not discussed.  WHY?  ima keep it all the way 100 and say its offensive to hear jokes on my natural hairs behalf.  its not funny, its offensive, and i simply don't like it.  lately i've had two particular friends make comments such as, nappy head, or maybe we can go to the store and get you a weave, when are you gonna go back to your other hairstyles, i'm just tryna figure out whats on top of your head. 

i truly believe true friends and people who really do care about you would not make jokes about your hair.  i admit it makes me mad, but it will also not stop my natural hair journey.  insecure people have to continually put people down and make jokes at others expense.  with that said, i will continue to blog about my hair journey and inspire others to not give up.  it takes a lot for black females who've had relaxers, braids, or weaves most of there lives to go natural.  i applaud those of you who stick with it no matter what the media may portray of the offensive comments you may hear.  this journey can definitely make and break relationships.