Wednesday, November 2, 2011

protective style

so after long consideration i decided to go into a protective style for about 2 months.  i would like to give my hair a break and me a break from sticking my fingers in it! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

car trouble, phone trouble

today- my car wont start, which means i missed work!  bad look! 
i have grad school tonight and its 45 minutes away.  only allowed to miss to days and get dropped!  bad look!
two days ago i broke my blackberry, which means i cant answer all calls or place calls.  my phone works when it wants to, which hasnt been to often today.  

now!  to make this day better, im over all that..  lol  if i sit here and dwell on it i will only drive myself crazy, so i am now giving it to GOD.  with God anything is possible.  things always look up!  stay positive. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

short sides in back

back to my hair!  so i colored my hair a few weeks back and its just whatever to me.  i only did it cause i was bored.  however, i have noticed that the sides of my hair in the back dont seem to be the same length as the rest of my hair... the rest of my hair is longer.  so now i have a new mission!  to grow out the sides of my hair in the back!  hair growth here i come!  i plan on achieving this by TAKING BETTER CARE OF MY HAIR!

i have to be honest and say that i have not been treating my hair to well.  ive been letting it get dry, not wearing a scarf at night, nor a satin pillowcase.  something has got to change!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


so, living in Victorville California is not the funnest place on earth to live, but its a place to live.  i find myself getting bored quite often.  i found myself filling the bored space with reading.  oh how i've re-found my love for reading!  i just finished Sylvia Browns book of Dreams.  my dreams have always been so detailed that i've always wanted to know more about them. 

when i walked into my moms garage the book pretty much jumped out at me!  i instantly started reading it and fell in love with it.  i've learned so much about dreams i now write down all of my dreams to see if i find patterns.  3 days before the Virginia earthquake i dreamed about it..  CRAZY! anywho, thats where i've been...  lost in books...  still rockn the fro!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

hair growth

this past weekend was my high school reunion in YREKA, CALIFORNIA!  10 years goes by fast!  anyway i posted the pics to see the length of my hair now that its been about 15 months natural.  the first 9 months were spent in braids, which was horrible for my hair!  my hair didnt start to grow until after i came out of the braids.

i just watched kimmays video on youtube on hair growth.  i admit i've done some things to my hair, like wearing the braids and cutting WAY TO MUCH off in january when i trimmed it.  the past couple of months ive been pretty good about knowing when my hair needs water or moisurizer. 

today i conditioner washed my hair and also decided that i may start washing it every 5 days instead of 8 days if im going to contiue to wear it out.  yesterday was day 8 with my hair out and it was feeling extremely dry!  i dont want to get to that point again.  im starting to think i may start wearing some protective styles to give my hair a break from being out.  we shall see.

well i will go about my day and let my twists dry.  have a blessed day all!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

is that a wig??

So, this past weekend i had the most amazing time in Reno Nevada!  Hot August Nights!!!  according to my parents i had been there before when i was a munchkin.  however, i dont remember seeing all the cars, but i do remember reno being a little bigger. 

Hot August Nights was so fun!  i'm a huge fan of muscle cars!  i'm that chic that will not drive a bmw or mercedes, when i got it like that, i will be behind the wheel of a muscle car!  yea buddy!  anyway, while gambling in the casino with a rather good looking man (hehe) the dealer looks up and says oh my gosh i love your hair.  then she went on for about 10 minutes saying how she cant stop looking at it.  i could tell the other players were getn a lil frustrated with her, but hey.. we were starting to win!   she next asked, "is that a wig?"  omgoodness, "no."  its crazy how often i get asked if my hair is fake or if its a wig.  the dealer was an Asian female in her 30's.  myself a black female knocking on the 30's door. 

i was absolutely flattered over her obsession with my hair, made $160 bucks off of her!  this is ALL ME baby!  i rock the fro and i rock it proud!
my favorite car!  Hot August Night in Reno, Nevada 2011

Carols Daughter Ad

Carols Daughters Ad!  i like!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

spotted by a natural

while in la a few days i was walking through ralphs and was spotted by another natural.  her and her friend came up to me and asked how i do my hair!  TWIST OUT!  twists outs are pretty much all i wear, i love them.  i told her how to do it and even what i use for my twist outs.  i hope i was some help.  and of course had to tell her to CHECK OUT THE BLOGS and WEBSITES!!!  YOUTUBE!!! 

i've had other naturals tell me how they get frustrated with there hair.  dont give up!  there are so many style options on youtube.  I WILL NEVER GO BACK!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

LA Naturals Meet Up

August 13, 2001 Curly Nikki from and Kim Coles are hosting a Grow Out Challenge Wrap Up Party in LOS ANGELES!  tickets are $25 or $30 at the door.  they're urging pre-sales since its suppose to sell out! 

House of Spades
215 W. 6th St., Penthouse 16
Los Angeles, CA

any weekend but that one... sad face.  that is also the weekend of my high school reunion, which is in nor-cal!  dang, darn, ugh!  id almost rather go to the event then my high school reunion... that says a lot!

my first day off

this is the first day off ive had from not going to school or work since july 3!  omg, it is so needed.  what is the first thing i do, wake up and come to my blog!  i love it.

i was definitely starting to reach a breaking point of having no free time.  my days were spent writing papers, editing papers, working on group projects, reading for school, and going to my retail job (although i'm college educated). 

i moved in with my mom a couple weeks ago.  so, yesterday she asked me if i could dust the house, clean the house and her room since i will be off.  she even let me know where the vacuum cleaner was (i've vacuumed here).   my first though was dang, cant i just have a day off for me.  however, i do understand that i live with my mom and dont pay rent, so i will do it.  but, i definitely need to do it on my time over my days off and not all in one day.  this personal time is oh so desperately needed so i dont go ape on anyone in public.  lol

well, now its off to the gym to get my workout on!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

so-cal meetup

i was just sitting here at school (university of redlands) thinking.... hmmm..   it would be nice if we had a naturals meet-up somewhere in southern california, anywhere!!  heck, i'm even willing to drive to the bay for one. 

i hardly ever see naturals in my area besides my mother, who's hair is loc'd up!  go mom!  but i'd love to get together and chat with other naturals in the area!  high hopes for one day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

at the lake

yea, i play outside


oh my hair!  yes, i have a fro. funny how ppl were so shocked when i started growing my hair out.  now people efn love it!  me to me to.  its friday and i'm bored!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Oprah's Stylist-Andre Walker

Recently, in an interview with Elle Magazine, I repeated my professional opinion about caring for Type 4 hair, often referred to as kinky hair. Here’s what I said in Elle:
“I always recommend embracing your natural texture. Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that’s the only hair type that I suggest altering with professional relaxing”.

That statement is a very short version of what I also said in my book all those years ago, but almost immediately after the Elle article, the internet was abuzz with people questioning why I would recommend chemically relaxing a particular hair type Some even said my advice suggests that kinky hair is “bad” hair.

Let me first say that there is no such thing as “bad” hair, and I have long ago freed myself from being afraid to use the word “kinky” and also from being accused of not liking natural hair. We have become a multi-cultural society that embraces many different looks and styles when it comes to hair. It is my Mission to help you grow strong, healthy hair, and wear it in the style or styles that best suit your likes and particular hair type.

When it comes to curly and kinky hair (there is a difference), I leave the political correctness of “going straight” or staying natural to a woman’s personal preference. Once again, my advice is based on how to best achieve strong, healthy hair. So for those who would like to engage me in a debate about who has more racial pride and self esteem, based on hairstyle preference and use or non-use of chemical relaxers, know that I believe in personal freedom, and in the use of advanced technology when it yields positive results, which many of today’s (versus yesterday’s) chemical relaxers do deliver.

It is a fact that kinky hair (my Type 4 definition) is extremely fragile and breaks easily. Even when you are very careful, something as simple as combing can break this texture. It is very difficult to achieve a longer length when the hair breaks, even with simple combing. That being said, there is the style option of wearing braids, dreads, or twists, which allows the hair to grow longer because it is combed less often. Another style choice is to simply wear a shorter cut, which is very attractive on some women but just not right for others.

So when I say to embrace your natural texture, but consider relaxing kinky hair, am I contradicting myself? I don’t think so! You see, even relaxed hair can still be worn naturally. If you want a natural look, but find that your kinky hair is difficult to manage, breaks too easily, lacks shine and luster, and limits your preferred styling options, I say feel free to consider a mild chemical relaxer, sometimes called a texturizer, that eases your hair to a more manageable texture and allows you to Make Peace With Your Hair.

We’ve come a long way in the ability of chemical relaxers to gently relax the hair. In fact, I notice that my book is somewhat dated in that respect. When I wrote it, I was not a fan of no-lye relaxers. But now they are much improved, and I use them when I know it will help a client to maintain either a “natural” or a straight look — whichever she prefers — with more ease.

Mandatory for all hair types, and extra mandatory for curly, coarse, or kinky hair — Condition, Condition, Condition !

My Mission in the products I develop and in the professional advice I offer to Everyone of all hair types — Make Peace With Your Hair.

My Message for everyone who questions the integrity of my advice regarding coarse/kinky natural hair — All hair is GOOD hair. Healthy hair is BETTER hair. I will always offer you my BEST hair advice.
Make Peace,

Monday, July 4, 2011

yesterdays bbq

so, yesterday i went to a bbq.  it was fun and i got quite a few compliments on my hair(5 day twist out).  this little girl was probably about 10 or 11. she stood right next to me and told me how much she like my hair, then her hands just dove into it!  whoa! caught me off guard,i backed away.  lol  her mom told her not to without asking then her hands reached for it to, whoa!  i appreciate the love for my hair, but at the same time i was thinking i know she would be a lillte ticked off if my hands went her hair.  anywho, lets not forget to respect each others hair and ask for permission before diving in...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pic at dads wedding

pic of me and my dad at his wedding two weeks ago.  my hairstyle, 5 day twist out.  lol, i could've re-did it for the wedding.

natural hair pic

this is a pic of me and my dad's wife the day before their wedding in vegas about 2 weeks ago.  congrats!

anywho, she used to wear weaves and braids and i encouraged her to embrace her natural beauty, so now she is embracing her natural hair and loving it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

good hair day

today i'm having a god hair day!  how do you define your good hair day?  my good hair days are usually 3 to 4 days into my twist out and even sometimes on the 7th or 8th day!  the longer i go, the more compliments i get on my hair!  lol  i think it's so funny that on days when i assume my hair looks a hot mess, i get a ton of compliments. 

when my curls are defined, hair is full and big, its soft to the touch, and i'm feeling absolutely stunning, i'm having a good hair day!  now don't get it twisted, i'm the type of person who feels stunning in a t-shit and shorts! 

today, i'm having a GOOD hair day!

when is yours?

Saturday, June 18, 2011


i have been neglecting my blog!  grad school and work has kept me very busy.  however, writing this blog is something that i absolutely love to do.  as i go about my day everyday it crosses my mind how i'd rather be writing or reading something that i absolutely enjoy, like this.

i have come to realize that i allow others to somewhat dictate my day by doing things that other people want to do and not the things that i'd rather be doing.  with that said, i will be writing in my blog again!  and doing things that I enjoy!

go blog!  lol

Sunday, May 29, 2011


i did it!  i colored my hair!  i honestly cant tell the difference, geesh!  not a light enough color i guess.  anyway i will post some pics of my hair 2morow.

have a good weekend people!  LIVE YOUR LIFE! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

i am now single

oh my blog!

so, world... i am now single.  and my hair is still natural!  booya!  my new come singleness has made me ponder on a few things...  is their such a thing as true love?  can human beings really be monogamous?  and where is that special person?  i have to admit, im not in a rush, but i love the idea of spending the rest of my life with that one person, all while watching my hair grow!

i suddenly have a strong urge to color my hair.  what color?  something lighter.  not to sure, it always hard to pick the right color and hope it looks good on you.  its pretty hit and miss or hit and run.  iono.   not only do i want color, but i also want to move!  i've noticed when i end relationships i want to leave town and get the heck outa dodge.  however, im going to stay strong and try to stick around.  my last break up landed my a few states over!  it was good for me to be totally alone and experience new cultures and a new environment.  it was very very good for my self awareness to focus solely on me!  sometimes we need the escape, at least i do.  i have know problem what so ever with getting the heck outa dodge for a while.  makes me appreciate those close to me so much more.

what hair color??????

Sunday, May 22, 2011

9 days without wash

in my previous twist out i went 9 days without washing or re-twisting.  towards the end of the 9 days i received more and more compliments.  almost didn't want to wash and re-twist, however i ended up washing anyway because my hair was getting dry and we all know what happens with dry natural hair...  it breaks!  

each time i wash my hair i feel the difference in the growth!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Zulekha- African Violet Queen.




Halloween pic of me back in the day. I was a punk rocker! Check out that hair!
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Sunday, May 15, 2011


i was just thinking...  since chopping all my hair off last year to go natural a lot has happened to me!  i moved to houston texas, then back to california.  what the!  long story.  then, was jobless for 4 months, started a new relationship, started grad school, ditched a whole lot of friends (some people are seasonal), made new friends, and started a blog.  

my natural hair journey has taught me to completely love me for me.  their were negative comments along the way, but the positive definitely out weighed the negative for me.  i enjoy the freedom of my natural hair and the controversy at the same time.  the bigger my hair gets, the more i absolutely adore it.  

just to touch on the friends comment i made...  not everyone is meant to be in your life forever.  when i say some people are seasonal, i mean they're only meant to be in your life for a season.  they may have helped me grow in certain ways, showed me who i did and did NOT want to be, or maybe just a phase i was going thru.  either way, i'm grateful for each and every person/friend i've came into contact with and i will always wish everyone the VERY BEST.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Quote of the day

" The kinds of people who can go on to greater emotional maturity are those who really like themselves, even if the world seems to turn against them. Their self-worth does not rest on events, but on their opinions of themselves. Their inner security lies in the confidence that they will be able to contend with bad breaks; if they can't change the situation, they will nevertheless somehow endure. They take reverses as part of the normal pattern of living."
--- Theodore Irwin

(got this off my girl Angel's facebook)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

type 4 hair

i just recently read a blog on bglh about dealing with type 4a/b/c hair.  well, thats me!  i have that tough to deal with hair.  i think you just have to learn your hair and be aware of what it needs and doesn't need.  my hair has been natural for a lil over a year now and the longer it gets i realize i no longer like my twist outs on the 1st day.  i tend to like them the most on the 3rd day!  weird i know, but i just like the thickness of it and how it looks.

i tend to wash my hair whenever it starts to feel dry, which is sometimes 5 days, sometimes 3 days, sometimes 7.  i just listen to my hair when it communicates to me.  thats very important to do!  but as my hair grows, the more i love it!  its starting to get huge!

i remember the days of my teeny weeny fro, and when i first went natural and the crazy comments i would get.  i brushed it all of my shoulder and kept it pushing knowing that if i just wait it out i would begin to love it more and more.  to those of you just starting to go natural, know that it is a growing process and it takes time.  i just recently had an awwwww moment a couple days ago when i realized, geesh my hair is getting long!  lol  its hanging now and even after i wash it, its long!  of course i deal with a ton of shrinkage, but i love my hair!  and i have that hard to deal with type 4 hair.

dont give up ladies!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

skin problem

i moved to california from houston texas around dec/jan.  in february my skin broke out BAD!  i lasted about 3 weeks then went away.  however, it didn't completely go away.  i now have these little bumps on my face that i cant seem to get rid of.  i dont know what to do!!  i try to drink a lot of water, i've always been a gym fiend, what am i missing.  it could be do to stress...  i have been stressed out since being in cali!  im now trying to live stress free!  if this doesn't work then....  proactiv??  gmmmmm

Sunday, April 24, 2011

hair growing

im really starting to see a difference in the growth of my hair.  im definitely the one who constantly has her hands in her hair.  i love the way my twist outs look days after i take the twists down.  i use to like it better the first day when i take them out, but its definitely changed now as my hair grows.  hands in hair-i dont care!  i love my hair, which is why i cant keep my hands out of it. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

quest for shea butter

i went to target, cvs, walgreens, kmart, and 3 rite aids all in search for my shea butter.  i finally found it at the last rite aid for a wopping 8.99.  ouch!  but, i NEED IT!  when it comes to my hair, i don't deny its cravings.

after arriving home i did a poo wash then twists with shea butter.  i'm gonna let it air dry for a while, then take them down.  this is actually the 2nd time in 4 days that i've twisted my hair.  it didn't need to be re-twisted, but since i spent 8.99 on shea butter i had to put it to work right away.  haha

shea butter

this is what i love!  i use this on my twist outs.  keeps my hair feeling extremely soft throughout the week and makes my twist outs look amazing.  only problem... at times it can be hard to find.  i've noticed most beauty supply stores don't carry it in my area.  the first time i ran into this product was when i was living in downtown la and first went natural.  i was experimenting on products to use for my twist outs.  at the time i had read in a lot of blogs to try shea butter.  i had know idea exactly what from of shea butter to purchase and the rite aid on 5th and spring didn't have to many options, so this is what i went with and ended up loving it.  

i'm now in victorville, which is also in california about an hour from la (oh how i miss LA) and have purchased it at a rite aid on mojave.  now, i live no where near mojave so this morning i'm in search of a store a little closer.  i read online to try kmart, so wish me luck!  I NEED MY SHEA BUTTER!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

McDonald's hiring 50,000

Today is McDonald's national hiring day!  McDonald's is looking to hire 50,000 employees.  need a job, go to McDonald's.  to proud to flip burgers?  i'm not!   

McDonald's is looking for managers, interns, corporate, and crew members.  there are plenty of success stories about people who started as a crew member and worked there way up.  this could be you...  or just keep eating there burgers, whatever... lol

Monday, April 18, 2011

Carol's daughter models

sooo, these lovely ladies are the new faces/models for Carol's Daughter.  my first thoughts after seeing the photo were...  where is the DIVERSITY??  these lovely lades all have a light skin tone.  although i'm Solange's skin tone, i would still like to see a variation within the models.  as black women we all come in different colors, shapes, hair textures, and so on... BUT it is clearly not represented in this picture.  

NEXT, i'm not sure who the photographer was, but i am sure there were a number of pictures taken.  why did they choose this one??  these women are very beautiful, but the picture makes them look... well, yea, you get it. 

AND THEN, why do they have Solange thrown in the back?  everything about this picture is wrong.  i personally can't say much about Carol's daughters products because i've never tried them, but this picture will definitely not make me run to purchase.  

Carol's Daughter is definitely doing big things and i applaud the growth in business!  AMAZING!  however, i do feel black women can be represented just a little better.  but, this is MY BLOG and these are MY THOUGHTS. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

hair getting longer

i'm really starting to notice my hair getting longer and longer!  i can definitely tell a difference now.  I've been rockin the same twist out for about 4 days now.  i was actually considering washing it today, but i'm still liking the way its looking, which is a good thing!

where i live there aren't to many naturals at all!  at least i don't see them.  it feels really good walking into a room and standing out amongst a crowd because of my hair.  when i lived in houston i didn't run into to many naturals, but when i did we almost always spoke to each other about our hair.

embrace your natural beauty!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/12/11 twist out

 i did this twist out yesterday morning around 11am and took them out around 6pm.  it came out pretty good.  i ended up sitting underneath the dryer for about 30min @12pm cause i thought i would need to leave sooner then i did.

hair letter

if what you eat truly does affect your hair, then...

dear hair,

im sorry for tricking you buy having the most amazing workout this morning and sweating you out, followed by McDonald's @8am, then pizza hut chicken pasta and grape soda @10.30am.

you know i love you oh so much, but sometimes i just have those days when i want to eat everything in sight.  i believe today is that day.  i will try to better as the day goes on.  i cant make any promises, but i will try.

yours truly,


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sit all day, heart attack

People who sit for most of the day are 54 percent more likely to die of heart attacks says Scientists at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana

Monday, April 11, 2011

took out the cornrows

ok, so i took out my cornrows today, thank goodness.  i was over it! lol  i loved them for all of about 2 days then missed my hair.  my hair was so long when i took them out(stretched), but i absolutely hated the way it felt!  then i jumped in the shower and the shrinkage came right away.   i decided to do a wash and go today.  after washing i sprayed with my olive oil spray the applied a little shea butter leave in conditioner, then olive oil gel.  heres a quick pic;
OH THE PRODUCT BUILD UP!  i will post a pic of it when its dry to!

Friday, April 8, 2011

considering flat twist out

i've noticed a lot of people tend to check out my flat twist out pics...   hmm.... makes me kinda want to try that style again since my hair is longer now!  i just may tonight and just sit under a dryer so it will dry faster!  lol  my dad found my dryer in his storage yesterday!  of course i wouldn't use it all the time, but best believe it will be getting some use!


they better get this budget deal resolved!  this impacts so much, i hope everyone realizes this.  national parks, museums, and so on....

-17,000 people alone out of work from the parks.
-health and human services workers will be out of work.  medicare and medicaid workers will continue to work.
-further delay with irs tax returns
-planned parenthood could lose funding.
-----and that is a small part of what could happen....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

no ponytail after 1 year!

soooo, its been a year now and i'm still unable to fully pull my hair back into a ponytail!  what the!  oh, the frustration.  it could be partly my fault for wearing braids every now and then, cause i do notice my hair grows a lot faster when its out and free.  i love having my hair out and i also love t experiment with my hair.

you're suppose to do what your reacts to!  thats what i keep telling myself!  so, if i know it likes to be free out of braids then i need to wear it that way!  i will try!  i just cant wait to be able to pull my hair back into a ponytail!  grow hair!  grow!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, i got bored today, and this was the result of me looking for something to do.   not to shabby!  lol  i was thinking of what in the world to do with my hair, then remember seeing on black girl with long hair a picture of Ciara with cornrows and thought what the hey, i know how to do that and at least i can rock it for a couple day or maybe a week.  knowing me it will only be a couple days cause i will start to miss having my hair out.

also...  before i put my hair in cornrows i was out and about in public thinking my hair was looking in absolute mess!  guess not!  i was approached by two different women telling me how beautiful my hair was.  i was rocking a four day old twist out and had been to the gym every am sweating my twist OUT! each day after the gym as i would get bored i would twirl different sections between my fingers trying to maintain something, anything!  little did i know i was making it look amazing! lol  just when you think you're having a bad hair day you get compliments!  kudos!

Monday, April 4, 2011

hair re-trained after braids

i'm so gad i came out of the braids that i wore the last month or so.  they've been out a week now and my hair is finally starting to bounce back.   it's almost like i've had to re-train m hair on being free.  my twist outs weren't working so good, but my hair is definitely starting to take to them.  i've been in my current twist out for 3 days now and i've went to the gym 2 of those days, but its still looking good.

everyday i wake up at 5am thinking please, please, please let my hair not look to crazy.  thankfully, its been just fine, i do a super quick re-fluff and head out the door for my morning workout.  my workout starts with running 2 to 3 miles, then either the stepper or bike for 20 minutes then weight training and sit ups.  by the time i leave the gym everyday i'm dripping with sweat.  i plan on washing my hair either 2morow or the next day for sure!

i'm in love with my hair!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

1 year natural!

i've been natural for one year now!  go me!  i snapped this pic while lounging on Santa Monica beach yesterday afternoon.  my hair was actually looking kinda crazy but who cares, your hair is not always perfect while you're out and about living your life.

my one year natural was actually in march (i think), but what they hey.... i just know its been a year now and i'm so proud of myself for sticking through with this and going a whole year without chopping my hair off.  i'm the type of person who changes her hair ALL the time!  i just cant keep my hands out of it.  i love experimenting with my hair, playing in my hair, i just love my hair!
if anyone reading this is considering going natural or even just starting out, do it!  and stay strong!  don't listen to what other people say about your hair, any negative comments, or even people telling you to do something else to your hair.  stay strong and do you!  cheers to my one year natural!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i'm back!

im back!  i wore braids for the past month and a half, and OH how i missed my hair and blogging about it! i've only had my hair out of braids for about a day and a half now and have already received more comments about my hair then when i wore the braids.  i forgot how soft my hair was and how much i loved to play in it!  i will post some pics later today.

Monday, February 28, 2011

stars natural??

will stars ever go natural?  meaning....  not wear a wig or weave that looks natural.
will stars wear there REAL natural hair?  ...was just thinking about that.  everyone has there own preference the way they want to wear there hair.  it would be cool if there were more REAL naturals on tv.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my natural mom

my mom is natural to!  i believe shes been naturally sista-locd up for 3 years now.  her hair is so beautiful!  the 1st pic-may 2010, 2nd & 3rd pic-January 2011.  she takes good care of her hair and is also a gym junkie like me, or should i say i'm a gym junkie like her!  lol  she puts her hair in a ponytail for the gym then lets is free when done.  she is part of the reason i went natural, thanks mom!  mother and daughter holding it down for the naturals!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

natural wins votes

now that most people i know have seen my hair in its natural state and now that i'm sporting a protective style, my natural hair worn out wins all votes.  makes me feel so good to know how much ppl love my natural hair.  it definitely became a part of my style.  after this month is up for protective style it should be my one year anniversary.  geesh, times flys!

Friday, February 18, 2011

afterparty pic

i tried this on a 3 day old twist out.  rubbed in my hands and put throughout hair.  loved it!