Saturday, April 2, 2011

1 year natural!

i've been natural for one year now!  go me!  i snapped this pic while lounging on Santa Monica beach yesterday afternoon.  my hair was actually looking kinda crazy but who cares, your hair is not always perfect while you're out and about living your life.

my one year natural was actually in march (i think), but what they hey.... i just know its been a year now and i'm so proud of myself for sticking through with this and going a whole year without chopping my hair off.  i'm the type of person who changes her hair ALL the time!  i just cant keep my hands out of it.  i love experimenting with my hair, playing in my hair, i just love my hair!
if anyone reading this is considering going natural or even just starting out, do it!  and stay strong!  don't listen to what other people say about your hair, any negative comments, or even people telling you to do something else to your hair.  stay strong and do you!  cheers to my one year natural!

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