Wednesday, December 29, 2010

10 months natural

i am now 10 months natural! go me! go me!

this is a pic of me, my little brother, and grandma. in the pic im rockin a twist out (fav style) this twist out was about 2 days old, we took it on xmas day! i hope everyone had a fab xmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hair color

so, i'm just a little curious about hair color!

crazy thing is, i've had tons of hair color before going natural! i've been blonde, red, light brown, jet black, all without blinking an eye! BUT, now that i'm natural, i just can't seem to take that step. I went to the store to buy the hair color and just ended up standing their in the isle with box in hand contemplating this huge decision. i ended up leaving with no hair color and driving off completely satisfied. however, now i have the itch again! i think i just love experimenting with my hair, but i'm not sure if i can take that leap.

what are your opinions?
and to those of you with natural hair who have colored your hair, did it change you hair in any way besides the obvious color? curious.

evening natural hair

Who says it's hard to have natural hair and hit the town for an evening of fun?? Definitely not me!!! lol Here are some shots of my hair this past weekend. oh, yes.... it is oh so cute! i did this twist out on thursday night. the pic with me in the white shirt is me(duh) on saturday night with my oh so fly suspenders! the pic of me in the gray shirt is me on sunday before sliding through a sushi joint in htown. i bobby pinned the front of my hair to stay down. -naturalzu-

Sunday, December 12, 2010

why go natural

why go natural???

well, lets think about this.... haha, do we really have to think about this??

do it! go natural because you owe it to yourself and your beautiful natural hair! since going natural i have received a ton of compliments and women telling me that seeing me and other natural women gives them courage to do it also! i walk out of my front door with a smile on my face knowing that i may be someones inspiration to go natural. embrace the beautiful hair that God has given you!

ohhhhh, but don't get it twisted! i have had some strange looks, but guess who they came from?? -other black women! what the! hey, no heads down on my end! these looks come from women with long weaves, so at least i have the courage and strength to rock my own.

no matter what you do whether it has to do with your fashion since, your hair, your style, WHATEVER, there will always be those haters! so what do i say?? let them hate, and do YOU!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

magazine coverage

to all of my black magazines... i give you :(

do to your lack of natural hair articles, photos, coverage on natural hair i give you a thumbs down. its great you talk of health and wealth, love and money, wigs and weaves, but when it comes to natural black hair (real natural black hair, not stars with weaves that look natural) you have little to know information to keep my attention.

there are black magazines out there, you know who you are... why do the natural men and women only get a snippet of information and articles?
why do you say natural, then have a pic of a black female with a weave that looks natural, but is not?
why are there no articles on REAL natural men and women?


in case you haven't noticed there are a ton of blogs, websites, and youtubers if you need writers! i shed a tear when i open a black hair magazine and 95% of the magazine is on everything but OUR REAL HAIR! .........tear

maybe if our own magazines would give us more pages then maybe, just maybe more black women wouldn't be so afraid to wear their hair natural. maybe if our own magazines would give us more articles then maybe black women can see we don't need to do be a slave to the weaves, wigs, and relaxers. maybe, just maybe society wouldn't look down on natural black hair. maybe black women would see its not hard to take care of their natural hair.

...maybe i'm just a girl in this world who likes to read, write, and talk about my REAL hair :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

flat twist out

these are the twists i put in last night before going to bed!

Slept with a scarf on!

results after taking out the flat twists!

i love it!

i feel like the flat twist gave my hair a lot more length then the individual twists! this was my first attempt at flat twists, not to shabby! lol

flat twists also seemed to be a lot quicker to put in! try it people!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

day 7 of twist out

ok, so now i am on day 7 of my twist out and i think i like it more now then when i first took the twists out!

I've been asked some questions, so here are my answers...
Q: did i use straws on my hair?
A: No, i did a twist out.

Q: do i twist my hair everyday before going to bed?
A: No, i sleep with a scarf on, then wake up and give my hair a quick fluff and i'm out the door! (day 7 of twist out)

Q: am i mixed?
A: no, both my mother and father are African American. my mom has sista-locs! so pretty!

Q: how often do i wash my hair?
A: i usually wash with just conditioner whenever i decide to do a new style. my last wash was a week ago because i wanted to see how long i could rock the twist out. however, before this i was conditioner washing about every 3 days and a wash with shampoo and conditioner once a week. i'm learning my hair, so i am experimenting. I was told by my amazing friend Iyanna to mostly just wash with conditioner! check out her site

----i will be doing a thorough wash later tonight to start a new style!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

use the web!

yesterday i was asked if its hard to style my hair while natural. my answer, no. I told her i like my hair so much more now, then when i had a relaxer. i actually feel like its easier to style and quicker for me to get ready in the mornings. i told her the reason i decided to finally come out of my transitioning phase and sport my all natural hair was because of all the research i had done online. i informed her of all the informative youtube videos, blogs, and websites that gave me the strength to wear my natural hair. the web is a beautiful place!

to all you beautiful ladies out there on the edge about whether to jump out of the transition and finally wear your hair all natural or not, DO IT! DO IT! it feels good! and you inspire others!

Monday, November 29, 2010

day 4 of twist out!

ok my beautiful people, i'm on day 4 of a twist out and it still looks amazing! at night i make sure to wear a scarf to bed and in the morning i wake up, fluff and go. i should take a picture of it! i will take a picture later today and most likely post in the am tomorrow! i hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

day 2 of twist out

I'm on day 2 of my twist out. Its held up pretty good and it was so nice this morning to wake up and fluff my hair a little then get on with my day! Nice and quick! I've received a lot of compliments on my hair. It was a drastic change, but I'm really dign it! I still have not tried the wash and go, however I will be doing it soon since I'm itching to see how it will look throughout the day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

twist out pics

twist products

everyone uses something different on there hair. always remember what works on someones hair may not work on your own hair. its up to you to try products to find out what works best on your hair.

i choose to twist my hair wet. whether after a wash or just spraying my hair wet with water, i then spray with either carrot oil or olive oil sheen spray. not to much, just enough to give it a nice shine and it works great as a moisturizer. next, i begin to twist my hair using shea butter, NOT A LOT! doesn't take much for my hair, plus i don't want my hair to be heavy with a ton of products.

i don't spend a ton of money on hair products, i never have. I believe once you find something that works, stick to it! of course its not bad to try other products, which i will, but for now i know what i like! my hair is so soft, i love it!

when twisting my hair i prefer not to go to small because I'm all about my time. the twists in the picture are quick and easy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

8 months natural!

my big chop was march 2010. It's been 8 months now and i'm loving my natural hair more and more! I admit, during the transition i had some low days wanting to throw the relaxer back into my hair, but i stayed strong this time! i say this time because i tried to go natural last year, but lasted about 3 months and threw the relaxer back in.
My transition since march 2010 wasn't so bad... i kept my hair in braids most of the time after my BC, so it made the days of teeny weenie tiny tiny afro not so bad! i braid my own hair, so that also made it easier on me. i took a break from the braids in july and i have to admit it was hard to rock the tiny afro! my own dad even made comments that made me put my braids back in! what the!
it's all good this time, i took my braids out 2 days ago and have been rocking the twist out, which i love! this is a pic of my 1st twist out i did on myself.... I LIKE A LOT! lol
-i created this blog because after reading so many blogs, websits, youtube and such it gave me the strength to take out my braids and start rocking my natural hair! i to would like to share my story to all and give all you women out there the strength to rock your own natural hair! IT FEELS SO GOOD! my hair is so much thicker without the relaxer, i love the different styles i can put it in, and i've been having a blast experimenting with my hair! its like an ongoing work of art! my mother is also natural, she rocks sista-locs! they are soooo cute on her, which is why I'd been wanting to go natural! I'm so much stronger this time around and i have to say again, I LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR! i was growing out my hair to also throw in the locs, but i love my hair the way it is, so i will not be getting loc'd up.... sorry mom. locs are beautiful, but i will not be getting loc'd up.
i went out last night and i felt so good looking at different women with there weaves, and relaxed hair, and knowing i have the strength to rock MY OWN hair! haha. i love it! i look forward to seeing my hair grow even longer! GO NATURAL LADIES!