Wednesday, January 5, 2011

make hair grow faster, Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz says to stimulate hair growth massage your scalp at least once a day for 3 minutes. that's not long, do it while you watch tv, do it while you're in traffic, do it when you're thinking of something to do... just do it! i'm doing it, easy to make your hair grow faster! :)

my hair today

here are some pics of my hair today...

quick re-fix

my go to style is obviously the twist out. If i know i have something special planned the next day/evening and i've been rockin the same twist out for about a week or so and don't want to re-twist my whole head, instead i will re-twist the front and/or any section that could use some touching up. it really saves time! and if your hair is feeling or looking dry, apply a small amount of your favorite moisturizer to your hands and rub/distribute throughout your hair. just a quick fix :)