Friday, April 8, 2011

considering flat twist out

i've noticed a lot of people tend to check out my flat twist out pics...   hmm.... makes me kinda want to try that style again since my hair is longer now!  i just may tonight and just sit under a dryer so it will dry faster!  lol  my dad found my dryer in his storage yesterday!  of course i wouldn't use it all the time, but best believe it will be getting some use!


they better get this budget deal resolved!  this impacts so much, i hope everyone realizes this.  national parks, museums, and so on....

-17,000 people alone out of work from the parks.
-health and human services workers will be out of work.  medicare and medicaid workers will continue to work.
-further delay with irs tax returns
-planned parenthood could lose funding.
-----and that is a small part of what could happen....