Monday, February 28, 2011

stars natural??

will stars ever go natural?  meaning....  not wear a wig or weave that looks natural.
will stars wear there REAL natural hair?  ...was just thinking about that.  everyone has there own preference the way they want to wear there hair.  it would be cool if there were more REAL naturals on tv.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my natural mom

my mom is natural to!  i believe shes been naturally sista-locd up for 3 years now.  her hair is so beautiful!  the 1st pic-may 2010, 2nd & 3rd pic-January 2011.  she takes good care of her hair and is also a gym junkie like me, or should i say i'm a gym junkie like her!  lol  she puts her hair in a ponytail for the gym then lets is free when done.  she is part of the reason i went natural, thanks mom!  mother and daughter holding it down for the naturals!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

natural wins votes

now that most people i know have seen my hair in its natural state and now that i'm sporting a protective style, my natural hair worn out wins all votes.  makes me feel so good to know how much ppl love my natural hair.  it definitely became a part of my style.  after this month is up for protective style it should be my one year anniversary.  geesh, times flys!

Friday, February 18, 2011

afterparty pic

i tried this on a 3 day old twist out.  rubbed in my hands and put throughout hair.  loved it!


afterparty-  thats the name of a product i tried recently.  i came across this product when doing my nieces hair who happens to be mixed.  as i was putting it in her hair to define her curls i began to wonder how it would work in my hair.  after i finished up with her hair i applied it to my own.  at the time i was sporting a 3 daly old twist out.  not only did it moisturize my hair, but it also defined my curls and freshened up my twist out.  doesn't hurt to try something new!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

protective style bluez

ok, so i put my hair into a protective style yesterday that will last for a month, ughhhhh!  why do i miss my hair already!!! i'm so serious, it will probably only last about 2 weeks because i already miss having my hair out.  lets see how long this lasts!

Monday, February 14, 2011

dry twist out

yesterday, instead of twisting after wet hair i decided i was to lazy to wash so instead i just used shea butter and re-twisted.  i would grab one section at a time and apply a little shea butter, comb out, then re-twist.  i left the twists in for about 2 hours then took them out.  the twist out was amazing!  my it stretched my hair so much more and made me realize how much my hair has grown.  of course it doesn't look as amazing today after working out this morning, but its still not to shabby!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

getn lazy

well, i'm starting to get lazy with my hair.  thats not a good thing cause i'm the type of person that always has to have my hair and outfits looking cute!  this doesn't mean i'm thinking of going a stray from being natural, just considering doing a protective style for a bit.  if this happens i will probably do it 2morow or tuesday.  i will continue to update blog if so cause i love talking about hair!

Friday, February 11, 2011

negative comments

why is it that some people think its funny to make jokes about your hair being natural.  i've noticed on other blogs this issue is not discussed.  WHY?  ima keep it all the way 100 and say its offensive to hear jokes on my natural hairs behalf.  its not funny, its offensive, and i simply don't like it.  lately i've had two particular friends make comments such as, nappy head, or maybe we can go to the store and get you a weave, when are you gonna go back to your other hairstyles, i'm just tryna figure out whats on top of your head. 

i truly believe true friends and people who really do care about you would not make jokes about your hair.  i admit it makes me mad, but it will also not stop my natural hair journey.  insecure people have to continually put people down and make jokes at others expense.  with that said, i will continue to blog about my hair journey and inspire others to not give up.  it takes a lot for black females who've had relaxers, braids, or weaves most of there lives to go natural.  i applaud those of you who stick with it no matter what the media may portray of the offensive comments you may hear.  this journey can definitely make and break relationships.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

working out with twists

i've never went running after just twisting my hair, but i'm about to now!  hopefully it doesn't change the outcome of the twists when i take them out later on today.  i will be sure to post a pic later of the twist out.  i plan on letting them dry for a couple hours then taking them out to hopefully get a beautiful result.  anything would be better then my last wash n go!  while i'm on the topic of working out, i know there are other naturals out there or ladies in transition who also workout and i just want to say those of you who may be afraid to break the sweat, dont be scared!  if anything, working out is GOOD for you and your hair!  you may have to wash more often, i know i do...  but it's worth the results and the way you feel after!  ok, i'm off to go running!

wash n go gel

this is a two day old wash and go with gel.  oh my shrinkage!  i like the curl definition, hate the shrinkage, dislike the hardening of my hair, just not a fan.  i'm getting ready to go wash my hair AGAIN because i'm not feeling it at all.  with me, my hair can greatly effect my mood... so, i will be re-washing and twisting it so that i can rock a twist out later on today and for the next couple of days. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hot tub hair

super bowl Sunday i got into the hot tub.  boy ol boy was my hair jacked up after that!  it splashed the back of my hair a little and you obviously cant control the way others move around and about in a hot tub, which resulted in a mess on top of my head.  before going natural i mostly wore my hair in braids which made it easy for swimming, running, and hot tubs.  i've mastered the after gym hair, but the hot tub hair is something i obviously need to work on!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

listen to your hair

i realized i've been washing my hair more often now.  it really is true, you must listen to your hair!  lately i had been washing once a week, but now it seems as if my hair needs the water every couple of days.  instead of using shampoo every time, i've been washing with conditioner.  the conditioner makes my hair so soft, i love it and so does my hair.  it's very important to listen to your hair.