Wednesday, February 9, 2011

working out with twists

i've never went running after just twisting my hair, but i'm about to now!  hopefully it doesn't change the outcome of the twists when i take them out later on today.  i will be sure to post a pic later of the twist out.  i plan on letting them dry for a couple hours then taking them out to hopefully get a beautiful result.  anything would be better then my last wash n go!  while i'm on the topic of working out, i know there are other naturals out there or ladies in transition who also workout and i just want to say those of you who may be afraid to break the sweat, dont be scared!  if anything, working out is GOOD for you and your hair!  you may have to wash more often, i know i do...  but it's worth the results and the way you feel after!  ok, i'm off to go running!

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