Saturday, January 29, 2011

ppls lil comments

something thats kind of annoying for me... when close friends know that i'm growing my hair natural, but occasionally make comments saying
"so, when are you gonna straighten your hair"
"how long is this fro faze gonna last"
"are you gonna comb your hair"
"i was looking at your older pics with different styles, maybe you should try one of those"
"is that a weave"
"is that a wig"
"can i touch it"
---i hadn't seen my older brother in about 3 years who is married to a caucasian female. after we talked for a few minutes he looks at my hair and says so what are you gonna do with your hair? what the! on this particular day i was rockn an AMAZING twist out!
those are just a few things that tend to get on my nerves. but, i'm sticking to it because i love my natural hair. my hair has so much shrinkage i'm waiting for the day when my twist out is HUGE!