Sunday, January 2, 2011

r u wearing a wig

so read this- hadn't seen my aunt in probably 3 years or so! while were sitting at the table chatting she's sitting next to me. i keep seeing her out of the corner of my eye eying me. i turn the opposite way to say something to my dad and she quickly puts her hands in my hair to feel my scalp to see if my hair was real! what the! lol when i turn quickly to look at her, she says she's been eying my hair all day and wanted to know if it was a weave or a wig! "IT'S MY HAIR"
i was rockn a twist out that day, apparently it looked so good, my aunt couldn't believe it! she then went on to question me how i did it and the best part- she said she didn't know NATURAL hair could look that GOOD! lol. yes, baby it can look that GOOD!