Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my fro hawk thoughts

just wanted to give my thoughts on the wash n go i had yesterday with gel. i really didn't care for my wash n go yesterday. i really think the main reason was because of the gel in my hair. gel made my hair so hard, which i already knew was going to happen. i'm used to having a twist out with soft hair that feels good to the touch. maybe it was good that the gel kept my hands out of my hair, but me personally do not have a problem with putting my hands in my hair. i like the way it feels and how it looks with the twist out so much better. i'm sure i will have more wash n goes as my hair continues to grow, but as far as the gel... not a fan, don't like the hardening of my hair. i re-twisted my hair early this morning and will probably take the twists out 2day or 2morow.