Thursday, August 18, 2011

hair growth

this past weekend was my high school reunion in YREKA, CALIFORNIA!  10 years goes by fast!  anyway i posted the pics to see the length of my hair now that its been about 15 months natural.  the first 9 months were spent in braids, which was horrible for my hair!  my hair didnt start to grow until after i came out of the braids.

i just watched kimmays video on youtube on hair growth.  i admit i've done some things to my hair, like wearing the braids and cutting WAY TO MUCH off in january when i trimmed it.  the past couple of months ive been pretty good about knowing when my hair needs water or moisurizer. 

today i conditioner washed my hair and also decided that i may start washing it every 5 days instead of 8 days if im going to contiue to wear it out.  yesterday was day 8 with my hair out and it was feeling extremely dry!  i dont want to get to that point again.  im starting to think i may start wearing some protective styles to give my hair a break from being out.  we shall see.

well i will go about my day and let my twists dry.  have a blessed day all!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

is that a wig??

So, this past weekend i had the most amazing time in Reno Nevada!  Hot August Nights!!!  according to my parents i had been there before when i was a munchkin.  however, i dont remember seeing all the cars, but i do remember reno being a little bigger. 

Hot August Nights was so fun!  i'm a huge fan of muscle cars!  i'm that chic that will not drive a bmw or mercedes, when i got it like that, i will be behind the wheel of a muscle car!  yea buddy!  anyway, while gambling in the casino with a rather good looking man (hehe) the dealer looks up and says oh my gosh i love your hair.  then she went on for about 10 minutes saying how she cant stop looking at it.  i could tell the other players were getn a lil frustrated with her, but hey.. we were starting to win!   she next asked, "is that a wig?"  omgoodness, "no."  its crazy how often i get asked if my hair is fake or if its a wig.  the dealer was an Asian female in her 30's.  myself a black female knocking on the 30's door. 

i was absolutely flattered over her obsession with my hair, made $160 bucks off of her!  this is ALL ME baby!  i rock the fro and i rock it proud!
my favorite car!  Hot August Night in Reno, Nevada 2011

Carols Daughter Ad

Carols Daughters Ad!  i like!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

spotted by a natural

while in la a few days i was walking through ralphs and was spotted by another natural.  her and her friend came up to me and asked how i do my hair!  TWIST OUT!  twists outs are pretty much all i wear, i love them.  i told her how to do it and even what i use for my twist outs.  i hope i was some help.  and of course had to tell her to CHECK OUT THE BLOGS and WEBSITES!!!  YOUTUBE!!! 

i've had other naturals tell me how they get frustrated with there hair.  dont give up!  there are so many style options on youtube.  I WILL NEVER GO BACK!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

LA Naturals Meet Up

August 13, 2001 Curly Nikki from and Kim Coles are hosting a Grow Out Challenge Wrap Up Party in LOS ANGELES!  tickets are $25 or $30 at the door.  they're urging pre-sales since its suppose to sell out! 

House of Spades
215 W. 6th St., Penthouse 16
Los Angeles, CA

any weekend but that one... sad face.  that is also the weekend of my high school reunion, which is in nor-cal!  dang, darn, ugh!  id almost rather go to the event then my high school reunion... that says a lot!

my first day off

this is the first day off ive had from not going to school or work since july 3!  omg, it is so needed.  what is the first thing i do, wake up and come to my blog!  i love it.

i was definitely starting to reach a breaking point of having no free time.  my days were spent writing papers, editing papers, working on group projects, reading for school, and going to my retail job (although i'm college educated). 

i moved in with my mom a couple weeks ago.  so, yesterday she asked me if i could dust the house, clean the house and her room since i will be off.  she even let me know where the vacuum cleaner was (i've vacuumed here).   my first though was dang, cant i just have a day off for me.  however, i do understand that i live with my mom and dont pay rent, so i will do it.  but, i definitely need to do it on my time over my days off and not all in one day.  this personal time is oh so desperately needed so i dont go ape on anyone in public.  lol

well, now its off to the gym to get my workout on!