Wednesday, September 7, 2011


so, living in Victorville California is not the funnest place on earth to live, but its a place to live.  i find myself getting bored quite often.  i found myself filling the bored space with reading.  oh how i've re-found my love for reading!  i just finished Sylvia Browns book of Dreams.  my dreams have always been so detailed that i've always wanted to know more about them. 

when i walked into my moms garage the book pretty much jumped out at me!  i instantly started reading it and fell in love with it.  i've learned so much about dreams i now write down all of my dreams to see if i find patterns.  3 days before the Virginia earthquake i dreamed about it..  CRAZY! anywho, thats where i've been...  lost in books...  still rockn the fro!