Tuesday, August 16, 2011

is that a wig??

So, this past weekend i had the most amazing time in Reno Nevada!  Hot August Nights!!!  according to my parents i had been there before when i was a munchkin.  however, i dont remember seeing all the cars, but i do remember reno being a little bigger. 

Hot August Nights was so fun!  i'm a huge fan of muscle cars!  i'm that chic that will not drive a bmw or mercedes, when i got it like that, i will be behind the wheel of a muscle car!  yea buddy!  anyway, while gambling in the casino with a rather good looking man (hehe) the dealer looks up and says oh my gosh i love your hair.  then she went on for about 10 minutes saying how she cant stop looking at it.  i could tell the other players were getn a lil frustrated with her, but hey.. we were starting to win!   she next asked, "is that a wig?"  omgoodness, "no."  its crazy how often i get asked if my hair is fake or if its a wig.  the dealer was an Asian female in her 30's.  myself a black female knocking on the 30's door. 

i was absolutely flattered over her obsession with my hair, made $160 bucks off of her!  this is ALL ME baby!  i rock the fro and i rock it proud!
my favorite car!  Hot August Night in Reno, Nevada 2011

Carols Daughter Ad

Carols Daughters Ad!  i like!