Tuesday, December 7, 2010

magazine coverage

to all of my black magazines... i give you :(

do to your lack of natural hair articles, photos, coverage on natural hair i give you a thumbs down. its great you talk of health and wealth, love and money, wigs and weaves, but when it comes to natural black hair (real natural black hair, not stars with weaves that look natural) you have little to know information to keep my attention.

there are black magazines out there, you know who you are... why do the natural men and women only get a snippet of information and articles?
why do you say natural, then have a pic of a black female with a weave that looks natural, but is not?
why are there no articles on REAL natural men and women?


in case you haven't noticed there are a ton of blogs, websites, and youtubers if you need writers! i shed a tear when i open a black hair magazine and 95% of the magazine is on everything but OUR REAL HAIR! .........tear

maybe if our own magazines would give us more pages then maybe, just maybe more black women wouldn't be so afraid to wear their hair natural. maybe if our own magazines would give us more articles then maybe black women can see we don't need to do be a slave to the weaves, wigs, and relaxers. maybe, just maybe society wouldn't look down on natural black hair. maybe black women would see its not hard to take care of their natural hair.

...maybe i'm just a girl in this world who likes to read, write, and talk about my REAL hair :)