Monday, January 3, 2011

working out

my mom told me yesterday i should talk about working out with natural hair. she has sista-locs and i'm let it be free girl, therefor we are both natural and we had a convo about this.

i honestly feel that working out is so much easier with natural hair! while going to high school and college i played basketball all throughout school. meaning, i was working out everyday and still do... well 5 days a week now, not everyday. in college we would run early in the mornings, then have practice later on that evening. during that time i had a relaxer, so i would have to straighten my hair again after workouts or just keep it tied back so i wouldn't have to deal with it. constantly straightening your hair causes so much DAMAGE! it's not good, or healthy.

when i workout i am dripping wet! i usually run for about 2 to 3 miles then do weights or the stepper. lol, the weights don't show, so lets not comment about that! ha! ...after my workout i honestly don't have to do anything to my hair, sometimes a quick fluff, maybe. my hair isn't to long at this point, so maybe as it gets longer that will change. i hope not. i remember days when i had a relaxer and thinking, "ok, im not working out today so my style will last for tonight" lol

so to all those wondering about working out with natural hair, from my experience it's a whole lot easier for me! i would say if it wasn't. let me know your experiences with working out... im curious!