Sunday, November 21, 2010

twist out pics

twist products

everyone uses something different on there hair. always remember what works on someones hair may not work on your own hair. its up to you to try products to find out what works best on your hair.

i choose to twist my hair wet. whether after a wash or just spraying my hair wet with water, i then spray with either carrot oil or olive oil sheen spray. not to much, just enough to give it a nice shine and it works great as a moisturizer. next, i begin to twist my hair using shea butter, NOT A LOT! doesn't take much for my hair, plus i don't want my hair to be heavy with a ton of products.

i don't spend a ton of money on hair products, i never have. I believe once you find something that works, stick to it! of course its not bad to try other products, which i will, but for now i know what i like! my hair is so soft, i love it!

when twisting my hair i prefer not to go to small because I'm all about my time. the twists in the picture are quick and easy!