Tuesday, April 10, 2012

no more color for me!

last year i colored my hair, i believe in june.  since then ive definitely noticed a difference in my hair as far as how dry it is and its length.  yesterday i did a flat twist out on my hair and noticed that in the back the color is only left on the tips!  this means ive had a ton of breakage! 

my hair has been natural for 2 years now and should definitely be longer then it is.  I would say this is due to coloring my hair last year!  did i learn my lesson, YES!  i will never ever ever ever color my hair again!  im done!  my naural hair will have natural color!

if your thinking about coloring your hair, think twice!  i take great care of my hair, so this is definitely do to the color.  i noticed a few weeks after i put the color in how dry my hair felt to touch.  no more color for me!