Monday, August 1, 2011

my first day off

this is the first day off ive had from not going to school or work since july 3!  omg, it is so needed.  what is the first thing i do, wake up and come to my blog!  i love it.

i was definitely starting to reach a breaking point of having no free time.  my days were spent writing papers, editing papers, working on group projects, reading for school, and going to my retail job (although i'm college educated). 

i moved in with my mom a couple weeks ago.  so, yesterday she asked me if i could dust the house, clean the house and her room since i will be off.  she even let me know where the vacuum cleaner was (i've vacuumed here).   my first though was dang, cant i just have a day off for me.  however, i do understand that i live with my mom and dont pay rent, so i will do it.  but, i definitely need to do it on my time over my days off and not all in one day.  this personal time is oh so desperately needed so i dont go ape on anyone in public.  lol

well, now its off to the gym to get my workout on!

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