Thursday, August 18, 2011

hair growth

this past weekend was my high school reunion in YREKA, CALIFORNIA!  10 years goes by fast!  anyway i posted the pics to see the length of my hair now that its been about 15 months natural.  the first 9 months were spent in braids, which was horrible for my hair!  my hair didnt start to grow until after i came out of the braids.

i just watched kimmays video on youtube on hair growth.  i admit i've done some things to my hair, like wearing the braids and cutting WAY TO MUCH off in january when i trimmed it.  the past couple of months ive been pretty good about knowing when my hair needs water or moisurizer. 

today i conditioner washed my hair and also decided that i may start washing it every 5 days instead of 8 days if im going to contiue to wear it out.  yesterday was day 8 with my hair out and it was feeling extremely dry!  i dont want to get to that point again.  im starting to think i may start wearing some protective styles to give my hair a break from being out.  we shall see.

well i will go about my day and let my twists dry.  have a blessed day all!

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