Sunday, December 12, 2010

why go natural

why go natural???

well, lets think about this.... haha, do we really have to think about this??

do it! go natural because you owe it to yourself and your beautiful natural hair! since going natural i have received a ton of compliments and women telling me that seeing me and other natural women gives them courage to do it also! i walk out of my front door with a smile on my face knowing that i may be someones inspiration to go natural. embrace the beautiful hair that God has given you!

ohhhhh, but don't get it twisted! i have had some strange looks, but guess who they came from?? -other black women! what the! hey, no heads down on my end! these looks come from women with long weaves, so at least i have the courage and strength to rock my own.

no matter what you do whether it has to do with your fashion since, your hair, your style, WHATEVER, there will always be those haters! so what do i say?? let them hate, and do YOU!

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