Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, i got bored today, and this was the result of me looking for something to do.   not to shabby!  lol  i was thinking of what in the world to do with my hair, then remember seeing on black girl with long hair a picture of Ciara with cornrows and thought what the hey, i know how to do that and at least i can rock it for a couple day or maybe a week.  knowing me it will only be a couple days cause i will start to miss having my hair out.

also...  before i put my hair in cornrows i was out and about in public thinking my hair was looking in absolute mess!  guess not!  i was approached by two different women telling me how beautiful my hair was.  i was rocking a four day old twist out and had been to the gym every am sweating my twist OUT! each day after the gym as i would get bored i would twirl different sections between my fingers trying to maintain something, anything!  little did i know i was making it look amazing! lol  just when you think you're having a bad hair day you get compliments!  kudos!

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  1. i really should've read through that and did some editing b4 posting! oh well, yall get what i was trying to say!