Thursday, May 5, 2011

type 4 hair

i just recently read a blog on bglh about dealing with type 4a/b/c hair.  well, thats me!  i have that tough to deal with hair.  i think you just have to learn your hair and be aware of what it needs and doesn't need.  my hair has been natural for a lil over a year now and the longer it gets i realize i no longer like my twist outs on the 1st day.  i tend to like them the most on the 3rd day!  weird i know, but i just like the thickness of it and how it looks.

i tend to wash my hair whenever it starts to feel dry, which is sometimes 5 days, sometimes 3 days, sometimes 7.  i just listen to my hair when it communicates to me.  thats very important to do!  but as my hair grows, the more i love it!  its starting to get huge!

i remember the days of my teeny weeny fro, and when i first went natural and the crazy comments i would get.  i brushed it all of my shoulder and kept it pushing knowing that if i just wait it out i would begin to love it more and more.  to those of you just starting to go natural, know that it is a growing process and it takes time.  i just recently had an awwwww moment a couple days ago when i realized, geesh my hair is getting long!  lol  its hanging now and even after i wash it, its long!  of course i deal with a ton of shrinkage, but i love my hair!  and i have that hard to deal with type 4 hair.

dont give up ladies!

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