Wednesday, April 20, 2011

shea butter

this is what i love!  i use this on my twist outs.  keeps my hair feeling extremely soft throughout the week and makes my twist outs look amazing.  only problem... at times it can be hard to find.  i've noticed most beauty supply stores don't carry it in my area.  the first time i ran into this product was when i was living in downtown la and first went natural.  i was experimenting on products to use for my twist outs.  at the time i had read in a lot of blogs to try shea butter.  i had know idea exactly what from of shea butter to purchase and the rite aid on 5th and spring didn't have to many options, so this is what i went with and ended up loving it.  

i'm now in victorville, which is also in california about an hour from la (oh how i miss LA) and have purchased it at a rite aid on mojave.  now, i live no where near mojave so this morning i'm in search of a store a little closer.  i read online to try kmart, so wish me luck!  I NEED MY SHEA BUTTER!

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