Thursday, May 26, 2011

i am now single

oh my blog!

so, world... i am now single.  and my hair is still natural!  booya!  my new come singleness has made me ponder on a few things...  is their such a thing as true love?  can human beings really be monogamous?  and where is that special person?  i have to admit, im not in a rush, but i love the idea of spending the rest of my life with that one person, all while watching my hair grow!

i suddenly have a strong urge to color my hair.  what color?  something lighter.  not to sure, it always hard to pick the right color and hope it looks good on you.  its pretty hit and miss or hit and run.  iono.   not only do i want color, but i also want to move!  i've noticed when i end relationships i want to leave town and get the heck outa dodge.  however, im going to stay strong and try to stick around.  my last break up landed my a few states over!  it was good for me to be totally alone and experience new cultures and a new environment.  it was very very good for my self awareness to focus solely on me!  sometimes we need the escape, at least i do.  i have know problem what so ever with getting the heck outa dodge for a while.  makes me appreciate those close to me so much more.

what hair color??????

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