Monday, April 18, 2011

Carol's daughter models

sooo, these lovely ladies are the new faces/models for Carol's Daughter.  my first thoughts after seeing the photo were...  where is the DIVERSITY??  these lovely lades all have a light skin tone.  although i'm Solange's skin tone, i would still like to see a variation within the models.  as black women we all come in different colors, shapes, hair textures, and so on... BUT it is clearly not represented in this picture.  

NEXT, i'm not sure who the photographer was, but i am sure there were a number of pictures taken.  why did they choose this one??  these women are very beautiful, but the picture makes them look... well, yea, you get it. 

AND THEN, why do they have Solange thrown in the back?  everything about this picture is wrong.  i personally can't say much about Carol's daughters products because i've never tried them, but this picture will definitely not make me run to purchase.  

Carol's Daughter is definitely doing big things and i applaud the growth in business!  AMAZING!  however, i do feel black women can be represented just a little better.  but, this is MY BLOG and these are MY THOUGHTS. 


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