Monday, January 31, 2011

twist OUT pic

first off,this pic if from a twist out a couple days ago. i wore that style about 3 days. after my 5:30am work this morning i just wasn't feelin it anymore. so instead of completely re-washing my hair i sprayed with water and re-twisted. for some odd reason i'm thinking it's gonna come out looking really good, so i will post a pic later when i take out the twists.

side note... i've been hanging out with one of my friends who has dreads and the looks we get are crazy. it's hard to tell if people are just curious about our hair, admiring, hating, either way it's funny to me.

a couple days ago i posted about maybe wearing braids as a protective style, but i've definitely decided not to. if i did that, then what the ef would i blog about... my braids... naw, i'm good! haha.

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